Your hot bod could soon power wearable batteries

Your hot bod could soon power wearable batteriesResearchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new system that can convert the heat given off by your body into usable electricity.The system uses thermoelectric generators, or TEGs, to create energy using the temperature differential between the wearer’s body and the air around them. Whereas previous attempts at a Matrix-style human battery have used bulky, low-yield heat sinks to store body heat, TEGs generate 20 times as much juice while remaining more comfortable and lightweight.Using a polymer that can be applied to both skin and fabric, the TEG system can generate up to 20 µW per square centimeter, meaning more coverage could potentially yield even more power, depending on where it’s located. Practical applicationsDeveloped in part with the National Science Foundation’s Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (whew), the TEG system was primarily designed for medical implements."The goal […

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