How tech can hinder – and help – your sleep

How tech can hinder – and help – your sleepOur tech is wrecking our sleepOur gadgets have become so integrated into our everyday lives that it’s hard to remember a time before we had them – and now there’s growing concern that we’re spending too much time using them.According to research from the UK’s Nottingham Trent University, every day the average person uses their device 85 times and browses the internet for five hours. And a report by UK telecoms regulator Ofcom found that adult internet users in the UK currently spend an average of one day per week online, with 59% of adults believing they’re hooked on their devices. Many experts fear that such high levels of tech usage are harming our health – particularly the quality of our sleep. According to the University of Hertfordshire almost six in ten Britons are sleep deprived – an increase of 50% since 2013 – with gadget use near to bedtime thought to be a major contributing factor.Another study, undertaken in Norway last year and involving 10,000 teens, found that the longer an individual used a device before bed, the less sleep they’d end up getting…

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