Robot chores: the droids are coming for your job, and no one's safe

Robot chores: the droids are coming for your job, and no one's safeIt’s Judgement Day for your jobBad news for taxi drivers: Ford, Uber and Google are working on self-driving vehicles that could render the traditional cabbie redundant within a few years. But transport isn’t the only area in which tech promises to make us mere meatbags surplus to requirements. From doctors to drummers, the list of jobs robots can do is getting longer by the day. We’re not suggesting that everybody should panic. But… EVERYBODY PANIC!Robots on the roadYou know about driverless cars, but you might not have considered the effect they’ll have on driving jobs. Self-driving trucks have been testing in Nevada since 2015, and mining giant Rio Tinto is using driverless trucks to move iron ore in its Australian mines. The firm says the robots are more efficient and save tons of money too, enabling Rio Tinto to operate mines with much smaller vehicle fleets than before.Robot trains are already common, and robot trams are next: in Germany, tram operators VGF and üstra have been investigating two kinds of automated tram guidance systems: VGF is using stereo cameras, while üstra is working with Bosch on a combination of cameras and radar…

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