Updated: Top 10 business apps for iPad

Updated: Top 10 business apps for iPadIntroductionNote: Our top business apps for iPad round-up has been fully updated. This feature was first published in July 2012.Some people think of the iPad as something of a toy – a basic computing slab suitable for little more than lounging on the sofa poking around at Facebook and Candy Crush. But those people would be wrong.A large list of critical business functions, like email, messaging and many administration tasks can be performed on the iPad with only its default apps. Add in a thing or two from the App Store and your iPad can become even more powerful.We’ve trawled the deepest recesses of the store to highlight our current top 10 business apps for Apple’s tablet, whether you’ve got a vanilla iPad or one of the Pro models. This is a collection of software which can make a real difference to your efficiency, improve your relations with customers and clients, not to mention helping you out creatively.Try a few of them out and you might just find your iPad becoming your go-to office tool…

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